Workout of the Month: May

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Workout of the Month

Workout of the Month

In this new series, we search for answers to  how to train for obstacle course racing. Each month we ask a different runner, coach, or race organiser from across New Zealand or beyond for their workout suggestion.

This month’s workout is presented by ORNZ writer Max Bell.

“This is a 30 minute long intense running-based workout with varied styles of running crammed together back-to-back, exactly as you’d encounter when running an obstacle race. The five minute timings also keep the workout exciting, as overall it works your endurance without having to do a half-hour long continuous, non-changing effort. And personally I get bored with endurance training – bring on the day when short-course OCR comes to NZ as that’s definitely my jam.

MatakanaXrun highly recommended event

For the weight carry sections it’s not important what you use, just as long as it’s something heavy. You could use a sandbag, a weight vest or a kettlebell if you have access to those. Otherwise a large container of water, a bucket of rocks or a large stone will work just as well if not more so because they will also challenge your grip strength and mental toughness from having to carry an irregular shaped object.

I’m lucky enough to live at the base of a steep hill, which can be used for the hill run section. But if doing this workout by a hill isn’t convenient, you could do repeats of a flight of stairs, set a treadmill to an incline, or simply just increase your pace over flat ground for that 5 minute section.”

The Workout

  • 5 min run
  • 5 min run with weight
  • 5 min run
  • 5 min hill run
  • 5 min run with weight
  • 5 min run

= 30 mins total

Max Bell presents May's workout of the month

Max Bell training in the hills above Whanganui

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to do the workout of the month. Join the ORNZ community as we get in race shape!

Feel free to share your experience or results in the comments below or on facebook.

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