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Monthly Archives: December 2017

matakana x run

New Race Added: MatakanaXrun7 2018

MatakanaXrun7 Added to ORNZ Race Calendar MatakanaXrun7 takes place 24th February 2018 at Matakana Country Park, Matakana. The MatakanaXrun is a two person team event held over a 6 or 9 kilometre obstacle course. View race listing Visit the ORNZ race calendar for a full list of upcoming

Naki Run Amuck

New Race Added: Naki Run Amuck 2018

Naki Run Amuck Added to ORNZ Race Calendar Naki Run Amuck takes place 13 May 2018 at Urenui Beach Domain, Taranaki. Join packs of the fearless, the forceful, and the unclean at the Naki Run Amuck – held at Urenui Beach. Go as a team

Tough Mudder

New Race Added: Tough Mudder 2018

Tough Mudder Added to ORNZ Race Calendar Tough Mudder takes place 3-4th November 2018 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Auckland. Tough Mudder is no ordinary mud run – it’s an experience. An escape from the everyday. At Tough Mudder, you won’t just face your fears


Day 24: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 24: For the final day of the 2017 ORNZ Advent Calendar, the challenge is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. For today, get your running gear on: your shoes, socks, clothes (but not your phone just yet) and then take a shower, run through a


Day 23: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 23: So you think you’re a runner? But can you run with a f***-off heavy sandbag on your shoulders? The weight carry section is often the uncomfortable making or breaking point of a race. While heavy carries are not an obstacle seen in too many


Day 22: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 22: Today let’s get those thighs and lungs burning and build some obstacle racing speed with some badass interval training: sprint uphill for 20 seconds at maximum pace, see how far you can get. Repeat x6 rounds. Aim to reach at least the same


Day 21: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 21: Previously featured in our Workout of the Month series, “Do a little background research on OCR training and three key factors seem to stand out: running, obstacles and strength. Luckily, one of my favourite workouts incorporates all key factors. The ‘Primal Triathlon’ basically


Day 20: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 20: Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. Fartlek training is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running. It differs from traditional interval training in that it is