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Monthly Archives: December 2017


Day 19: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 19: For today’s rest challenge, use no light emitting electronic devices at least 1 hour before bedtime. Why? Historically, as sun light reduces in the evening  our brains have become hardwired to take this reduction of light as a cue to wind down for


Day 18: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 18: Previously featured in our Workout of the Month series, this workout will shape the most important skill in obstacle course racing: being able to alternate between different kinds of efforts, and maintaining the same pace while recovering either from an obstacle or from the


Day 17: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 17: Compare with Day 2, get out of your normal fitness routine by trying something different. Today’s challenge is to try a new martial art or self defence class. Obstacle Racers NZ Advent Calendar! Each day in December, leading up to Christmas, we’ll reveal


Day 16: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 16: As mentioned previously on Day 6 and Day 11, obstacle course racing is an endurance sport. Unlike Ninja Warrior or similar short-form obstacle courses, OCR courses typically take an hour or more to complete. And you’re typically wet and dirty while doing it. For today’s


Day 15: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 15: It’s a scary moment when you round a corner on a course and came face-to-face dangling wires blowing in the breeze. Obstacle racing is notorious for having electrified obstacles in some races! Today’s challenge is to prepare yourself for the shock of overcoming


Day 14: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 14: Don’t be afraid to get dirty and build some functional strength. Pull out a spade and work your arms, back, grip and more with some good old fashioned exercise. Dig a hole 1m deep as fast as possible. The bonus of this challenge


Day 13: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

Day 13: Today we bring you a workout previously featured in our Workout of the Month series. This workout takes you through varied styles of running crammed back-to-back, exactly the type of demands you’d encounter in an obstacle race. It’s split in to 5 minute

O Rock

New Race Added: O Rock 2018

O Rock Added to ORNZ Race Calendar O Rock takes place 20 May 2018 at Barry Curtis Park, Auckland. O ROCK is a 12km and 5km obstacle course in Auckland that combines off-road terrain and obstacles to allow those with a sense of adventure to

ORNZ banner

‘Race Update’ News Added to ORNZ

A new category of news has been added to the Obstacle Racers NZ website. Titled ‘Race Updates’, this category will allow you to follow updates regarding races listed on the ORNZ race calendar. We hope this new feature to the ORNZ website allows you to

Wairua Warrior Dawn Chalmers

New Race Added: Wairua Warrior 2018

Wairua Warrior Added to ORNZ Race Calendar The Wairua Warrior takes place 7 April 2018 at Happy Valley Adventures, Nelson. The Wairua Warrior is an obstacle course race to challenge your strength, endurance and mental attitude. The Wairua Warrior will be held at the beautiful