New Zealand vs Spartan: Recap

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As New Zealand takes on Australian Spartan, Obstacle Racers NZ will keep you updated on the progress of each team.

Below is your guide to the appearance of each Kiwi team on the Australian Spartan tv show and how far they made it through the ” most diabolical test of team-work ever devised.”

Australian Spartan is currently airing in New Zealand on TVNZ 2.

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Inspired by the world-wide fitness phenomenon Spartan Race, “this is one of the world’s toughest team-based obstacle courses around. Teams of three from New Zealand and Australia will have to work together as they race through a series of specially designed obstacles engineered to challenge their ability to work together in the biggest test of teamwork ever.” For a commentary of Australian Spartan in New Zealand, see ORNZ’s opinion post on the show here.

New Zealand vs Australian Spartan: Recap

Aviation Bacon

Aviation Bacon - Richard, Maysie, Justin_preview

Appeared on: Episode 1

Members: Richard, Maysie, Justin

Bio: Being fit and active is part of the job for these NZ Police officers. Not afraid of a bit of friendly rivalry, they’ve travelled across the Tasman to show the Aussie Police force how it’s done! Used to working as a team and operating in high-pressure environments, will their skill-set withstand the epic test of the Spartan arena?

Furthest obstacle reached: Angle Grinder (4th obstacle)

Fish Out of Water

Fish out of Water - Jamie, Teneale, Paul_preview

Appeared on: Episode 2

Members: Jamie, Teneale, Paul

Bio: These true New Zealand heroes spend their days saving lives, and in their spare time you’ll find them out on the open water. These friends came together through their love of the ocean and boast Olympic and World kayak titles between them. Will their winning streak continue onto the Spartan course?

Furthest obstacle reached: Tilting Bridge (3rd obstacle)

Further Teams to be Added

How far will these teams get?

  • James and the Peaches?
  • Conquer?
  • Flaming Kiwis?

This post will be updated after the airing of each episode of Australian Spartan. Follow Obstacle Racers NZ on Facebook for notifications when updates are added.

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