The Tough Guy and Gal Cup Museum: A Look at Past Colours

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Every year around New Zealand at Tough Guy and Gal Challenge events official event mugs are handed out to participants. Every year they’re a different colour.

Now adorning living room mantle pieces and stocking op shop shelves throughout the country, the cups have covered a gamut of colours over the years.

Obstacle Racers NZ takes a look at the back catalogue of Tough Guy and Gal cups.

Tough Guy and Gal Cup Museum

2019: Purple

2018: Blue

Tough Guy and Gal cup 2018
2018 Tough Guy and Gal cup

2017: Pink

2016: Blue

2015: Orange – this year saw Loaded come onboard as the naming rights sponsor

Tough Guy cups 01
2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Tough Guy and Gal cups

2014: Green – this year saw Hydr8 Zero as the naming rights sponsor

2013: Red

2012: Blue

Tough Guy cups 02
2012, 2013 and 2016 Tough Guy and Gal cups

2011: Black

Tough Guy and Gal cup 2011
2011 Tough Guy and Gal cup, with custom name tag. Photo credit: Sarah Hird

Contributions Welcomed

Obstacle Racers NZ is grateful for the community’s support with the offering of objects and information to support the museum’s vision and mission preserving New Zealand mud running history for future generations so that future generations don’t forget the toil and hardships those tough guys and gals went through in completing the obstacle courses–

Basically, if you have an old Tough Guy and Gal cup lying around, send us a photo so we can add it to this post! We’d love to see your collections.

4 thoughts on “The Tough Guy and Gal Cup Museum: A Look at Past Colours”

  1. Sarah Hird says:

    I have one from 2011! Not sure how to upload it…I actually won my entry through the Wanganui Chronicle. When I asked where I watched the event from the promoter laughed and said ‘No, you’re taking part in it! Waow! I had 3 young kids, the youngest was 2, Pre kids I was used to tramping, so tracks and mud didn’t worry me. I gave my ticket to another mum so she could take part with her twin sister.

    1. Max Bell says:

      Hi Sarah. Awesome. If you to send the photo to I’ll add it into the post 🙂 Cheers for that, it’d be great to add 2011 to the list. I’ll credit the photo to you, if that’s alright. Are you running the event this year?

  2. Vinnie Duncan says:

    hey there, any chance I can get a blue 2018 mug – I work with Jo Duddery who has one best dressed twice so far this year, (and competing in Auckland this weekend) – and I just broke her cup ! Feel terrible! Happy to pay for it – email me on

    1. Max Bell says:

      Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been quite on this website recently, but active again now. Hope you managed to get something sorted for your friend! I’m not involved in the race organisation or their supply of their mugs, but if you’re still after a replacement you could try asking in the open group for obstacle racing NZ on facebook

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