Tough Mudder NZ Cancelled as Major Sports Events Sold to Ironman

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Tough Mudder Cancels New Zealand

Unfortunately, Tough Mudder has cancelled its New Zealand 2019 event.

On July 31st, the following email was sent out to Tough Mudder New Zealand 2019 registrants:

Fairfax Events is the licensee for Tough Mudder New Zealand. Fairfax Events has recently sold its key sporting events and as a result no longer has the necessary infrastructure and resources to hold the Tough Mudder New Zealand 2019 event.

Unfortunately, Fairfax Events therefore needs to cancel the Tough Mudder New Zealand 2019 event.

You will shortly receive a refund of your registration fees. Please note that it may take up to 5 business days from when a confirmation of refund email is sent for the funds to appear on your account. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We encourage you to register for other Tough Mudder events to be held elsewhere in 2019. Tough Mudder Australia is offering Tough Mudder New Zealand 2019 entrants a discount on entry for Tough Mudder Melbourne (19-20 Oct 2019) and Tough Mudder Sydney (16-17 Nov 2019).

Tough Mudder New Zealand 2019 was due to take place 30th November & 1st December at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

Thankfully, entrants will receive a refund.

While the email specifies the 2019 Tough Mudder as being cancelled, it can probably be assumed that Fairfax Events will not hold onto the licence to stage further New Zealand events.

There is no word on if Tough Mudder will return to New Zealand, or if the New Zealand license will be acquired by a new events provider.

The license for Tough Mudder New Zealand is owned by Fairfax Events & Entertainment. In 2018 Fairfax Events & Entertainment was acquired by Nine Entertainment, as part of a larger takeover of Fairfax’s empire. In May this year Fairfax Event’s major sports events were sold to Ironman, and “Nine also confirmed it would no longer continue with some of its smaller sporting events” – unfortunately it appears that Tough Mudder New Zealand is among them. Tough Mudder New Zealand has become a casualty of the massive corporate merger of Fairfax and Nine.

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