The Solution to Getting Clean After a Mud Run

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After the Wellington Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in 2015 Corinne, one of the founders of Obstacle Racers NZ, handed me a small bottle and a bag, instructing us to skip the lines for the showers today.

The bottle was Pits & Bits: Towel Off Body Wash – a waterless cleaning liquid for cleaning easily down your body after racing, camping, festivals, or outdoors. And inside the bag was a dehydrated cloth, one of those ones that magically expands – like the dinosaur shapes I recently bought for my son at the $2 store. But unlike the few minutes amusement we got from watching dinosaurs expand out of next to nothing, the Pits & Bits bottle saved us time and a lot of hassle in our post-race clean-up.

Max Bell at Tough Guy and Gal Wellington

Running through the mud at Tough Guy and Gal Wellington… a cleaning solution was desperately needed

It was extremely easy to use: squirt some on your body where you’re covered in mud, rub it around, and then towel it off – along with the mud! I used the majority of the small bottle for most of my body, only doing the dirty bits (and perhaps not all my pits and bits), and surprisingly it really was a waterless shower. The liquid foamed up and wiped away the all mud, which by that time had dried and caked over.

Pits & Bits

Pits & Bits, the solution to getting clean after a mud run, pictured with the bronze podium medal received that day at the Tough Guy and Gal

While the liquid in the bottle worked in cleaning off mud without requiring any water, as the label proclaimed, water was required however to dampen the magic cloth with in order to expand it for use. Although, using their cloth isn’t really required if you have your own towel handy.

No doubt there’s some chemicals in the mixture to cut through dirt, and as someone who has skin sensitive to flaring up I was concerned about putting a new product on. But in this case the Pits & Bits didn’t irritate my skin. Although more uses may be required though to see if it does have any negative effect in my case. According to their website, Pits & Bits is paraben and alcohol free, and the pH has been designed to match that of healthy skin. I was given the antibacteral and antifragranced version, which leave my skin sticky or scented after use.

While I wouldn’t use Pits & Bits to replace a whole shower (I’m still going to jump under warm water to relax once I get home from a mud run), it definitely removed the mud from myself which I had built up after charging through pits of it on the Tough Guy and Gal obstacle course – and it removed it more conveniently than having to wait in the long line for a shower. Fortunately the Tough Guy and Gal did have shower facilities available but there are those races in New Zealand which don’t, for these situations Pits & Bits would be a godsend.

This article is adapted from an article originally published in September 2015 on The Obstacle Method.

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