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This article is adapted from an article originally published by Dan Bowie in 2014 on the previous Obstacle Racers NZ website.

Kinesio tape has been a tool in my training bag for a few years now.

Those who train a lot and have a had a few injuries have probably been k-taped by their physiotherapist at some stage. For those who are new to training, it’s definitely something you should check out.

The general idea behind K-tape is to add support to muscles while promoting lymphatic drainage and boosting blood flow.

Rocktape product range

I tried every brand I could get my hands on in the search for something that would go the distance. The problem with the regular k-tape brands is that while they are beneficial to begin with, I found that they would stretch after a few hours, lessening the tension and effect, and often peeled of completely, as soon as you started to sweat.

When I tried Rocktape, the difference was apparent straight away. The firmer fabric gave better support under tension without losing its form over time, and the adhesive is so good that you can wear it for days on end without it accidentally coming off, even in the shower! Rocktape is k-tape developed for athletes and made to handle the rigors that come from physically pushing your body.

Rocktape vs Tough Mudder

Dan at Tough MudderRecently, while training hard in the lead up to Tough Mudder 2014, I managed to give myself a case of tendonitis in my lower bicep and elbow. I found that by using Rocktape to transfer some of the load that caused pain during long periods of running onto my upper bicep and shoulder, I could continue to train without the pain.

But would it hold up on race day? Or would it fall off in the first puddle I land in and leave my arm unsupported and aching for the rest of the event?

The verdict? After a little over 3 hours and 18km of serious mud and a physical challenges, I was still wearing my Rocktape. It had taken a beating, peeled slightly at one edge and turned a shade of brown, but It was still providing the same support and pain relief it had from the start line.

Amazingly, it was still sticking firmly to my arm, even though I’d dunked it in an ice bath, crawled through miles of mud, soaked it in a muddy pool of water, stretched it over walls and even electrocuted it.

Rocktape is something I believe all active people can benefit from and its versatility makes it great value. It’s something I make sure I always have on hand, because you never know when an injury or niggle might strike, and lets face it….. not training is never a desired option.

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