OCR Being Fast-tracked as Olympic Sport

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Is OCR the next Olympic sport? Sports Illustrated investigates,

In the past seven years, OCR has gone from relative obscurity to the No. 1 mass participation sport in the world, according to the USAOCR, “larger than marathons, half marathons and triathlons combined.”

Modern Pentathlon, a somewhat obscure but established Olympic sport, adapted OCR into one of its Olympic included events, putting OCR on the path of Olympic inclusion. Albeit, OCR is being adapted by another sport, this does give legitimacy by an already established Olympic sport to the emerging sport of OCR.

The inclusion of obstacles in the Laser Run element of the Mixed Relay at the UIPM World Cup in Pomona is another sign that Obstacle Course Racing is being fast-tracked as an Olympic sport.

Pushing these developments is the International Obstacle Sports Federation, which recently recognised the USA Obstacle Course Racing as the national governing body for OCR in the US with the first OCR US National Championship sanctioned taking place at Spartan Race in April this year.

Read the full article at Sports Illustrated.

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