Faces at the Races: Katrina Evans and Campbell Ingram

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We’re starting a new series titled Faces at the Races. Not as in-depth as ORNZ’s full interviews, Faces at the Races aims to provide snapshots of the runners out-there participating in “the fastest growing sport in history”. The first post in the series brings two snippets from runners at the Wairua Warrior.

Katrina Evans

Faces at the Races Katrina Evans

Katrina Evans (pictured middle) training with Jules Kelley Personal Trainer to prepare for the Wairua Warrior

Katrina entered the 6km at the Wairua Warrior.

ORNZ: Why did you enter the run?

Katrina: Jules, my personal trainer, signed me up as a challenge.

ORNZ: Would you recommend it to others?

Katrina: If they were doing it for a laugh.

ORNZ: What was the hardest part?

Katrina: It has to be the grind (repeated lengths zig zag-ing up and down a steep pine bank).

I watched as Katrina approached the finish line. Standing before the final A-frame obstacle, she wanted to skip around it but her team jumped in to help. Soon a race organiser and marshals jumped in to assist while her kids and trainer cheered her on to overcome the tall wall and make the finish line. It was one of those memorable obstacle racing moments to witness.

ORNZ: How does it feel knowing you can do something, such as the wall, you didn’t think you could do?

Katrina: Pretty awesome!

Campbell Ingram

Faces at the Races Campbell Ingram

Campbell Ingram

Campbell ran the 12km at the Wairua Warrior.

ORNZ: How did you find the course?

Campbell: It was tough. I left it all out there. I got to the end of the sandbag carry and said, ‘they should rename this the mother****ing sandbag carry’ it was so heavy.

Campbell is a previous member of Wairua Body Coaching Systems, where he’d often travel an hour and a half to train at the gym.


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