Obstacle Race Directory Now Live

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There’s a new tool recently added to the ORNZ website: a full New Zealand race directory!

The directory lists every single obstacle event, obstacle course race, and mud run from throughout New Zealand for easy reference. Importantly, the directory acts as an archive for easy reference of past event, while the upcoming race calendar acts as a calendar of future events.

Check out the race directory now. We hope this new tool helps you find your next exciting challenge!

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What’s the difference between the race directory and the race calendar?

The race directory lists all events in one place for easy reference. It also lists past events, which will allow for reference and projecting for future years. In comparison, the race calendar lists all upcoming events in a visual and easy to browse manner, but it doesn’t list past events.

Want to know how many obstacle events there are throughout NZ?

The directory auto-sums the number of events at the end for easy reference. 2017 currently has 43 events! (But we expect this to climb – as there’s many more awesome events we’re aware of but which haven’t confirmed their 2017 dates yet).

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