$20 Off Tough Mudder – Anzac Day Only

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Save $20 off Tough Mudder New Zealand Entry

In honour of the toughest of them all, Tough Mudder New Zealand will take $20 off ticket prices during Anzac Day.

Don’t think twice, as the special is only open for 20 hours. The reduced price starts on 4am Anzac Day, 25th April, and ends on midnight. Use the code ‘SPIRIT’ on registration to redeem $20 off your entry.

Tough Mudder takes place in New Zealand on November 4-5th 2017 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Auckland. Learn more at the Tough Mudder New Zealand website.

Want to run in Tough Mudder with the Obstacle Racers NZ crew?

When Tough Mudder returns to New Zealand in 2017, Obstacle Racers NZ will be there! Would you like to run with us!?

Joining the Obstacle Racers NZ team, you will:

  1. Join a group of like-minded people willing to brazenly escape the ordinary and expand their comfort zones
  2. Join a team who’ll help each other over the challenges and the obstacles – many of the Tough Mudder obstacles require teamwork to overcome
  3. Be part of an unforgettable experience and join the Tough Mudder Legion
  4. There will be plenty of camaraderie, banter, and chit-chat out on the course – it helps with the discomfort

Find out more about running Tough Mudder with ORNZ.

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