Rumour Mill: Spartan Race Looking at a New Zealand Location

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Obstacle Course Racing New Zealand, on a post to its Facebook page yesterday, hinted that Spartan Race is developing a New Zealand race. The post describes Spartan Race as having scouted potential locations in the country.

(Update 28/8/17: The post has since been removed from OCRNZ’s facebook page.)

Max DeLacy, CEO of Spartan Race Australia, posted on social media about his visit to New Zealand earlier this year. He is rumoured to have met with parties while in the country to discuss the potential development of a 2018 Spartan Race in a New Zealand location.

OCRNZ described further interest from Spartan in New Zealand as having been piqued after Spartan Pro Team Member Brakken Kraker was invited to compete in the Wairua Warrior in March this year. For more from Brakken Kraker, Obstacle Racers NZ sat down with him for an exclusive interview on obstacle racing at the professional level, coaching, and his thoughts on racing at the Wairua Warrior.

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