Racer Killed During an Obstacle Race in the Netherlands

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In what is very sad news for the global OCR community, a racer death has occurred in the Netherlands over the weekend.

The incident happened at the VenloStormt race in the Netherlands. According to reports the athlete in question had “gone down a slide [pictured below] and another competitor landed on top of her, knocking her unconscious. After not resurfacing, spectators alerted rescue divers who went in to retrieve her and started to resuscitate. She was taken to hospital and was reported to be in a critical condition, but sadly lost her life overnight.”


The slide at VenloStormt on which a racer drowned over the weekend. While in the water she was hit by another participant from above and did not resurface.

The athlete has been manned as Gitte Leurs, an elite obstacle racer who was a strong contender in the current OCR Series having only the weekend previously finished second at Strong Viking. A minute’s silence will be held before the start of next weekend’s OCR Series final in Nijmegen.

As Mudstacle reports, this is the sixth fatality in the history of obstacle course racing: a competitor died from a heart attack at Tough Guy (UK) in 2000, two died from heatstroke at Warrior Dash Kansas (USA) in 2011 and there have been two prior deaths from drowning – at Texas Mud Run in 2012 and Tough Mudder West Virginia in 2013, both also in USA.

The police are conducting an investigation in to the incident at VenloStormt.

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