Nelson Breeding Ground for Obstacle Course Competitors

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Nelson is making a name for itself as a hotbed for obstacle course racing with half of the country’s entire qualifying field for the world championships coming from the region, the Nelson Weekly reports.

Ben Bolitho

Nelson’s Ben Bolitho in the Wairua Warrior obstacle race. Photo source: Even Barnes via Nelson Weekly

“In 2015 and 2016 there was only one New Zealander [who] attended the world champs. ‘So to have four attend this year and over a dozen qualified, with half of those coming from the Nelson region, is quite an achievement in such a short time and one that Kiwis should be proud of, especially the people of Nelson.’ says Colin Menzies of Obstacle Course Racing New Zealand.”

Among Nelson’s OCR World Championship qualifiers are Reid Carnegie, Ben Bolitho, Ethan Helliwell, Sam Millison, Dawn Chalmers, Caitlin Fielder, and Cameron.

Nelson is home to the Wairua Warriors, New Zealand’s first OCR club. The next race organised in the region and supported by the club is the ORNZ featured race the Wairua Winter Warrior Team Relay Challenge – a winter, team-based challenge from the Wairua Warrior in which teams of three work together to run relay-style across a course of obstacles on August 12th.

Read the full article in the Nelson Weekly (page 26).

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