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2018 Enduro Championship Q&A

In big news for Oceania, an OCR 24 Hour Enduro Championship was announced last month, to take place in Australia at Lower Portland, just outside of Sydney in 2018.

The event is being produced as a partnership between the Australian owned race series True GritDestination New South Wales – the leading government agency for the New South Wales (NSW) tourism and events, and Adventurey, LLC, producers of the OCR World Championships. See Obstacle Racers NZ’s coverage of the announcement here.

Recently Obstacle Racers Australia sat down with True Grit Co-Founder and Managing Director Adam McNamee for a Q&A on the upcoming 24 Hour Enduro World Championship.

Below is an excerpt of some of the details revealed,

Q) What is the difference between The OCR World 24 Hour Enduro Championships and the normal True Grit 24 Hour Enduro Aussie Titles?

A) The OCRWC 24hr Enduro is the shift from a single world championships in the northern hemisphere to a dual world championships, played across both a short course (15km – overseas) and long course (24hrs – Sydney). The course itself will be a similar 10-11km loop to the Aussie Titles, however there will be a shift with some new obstacles not seen before. The teams category will also be minimised from 2/4/6 person categories to a 4 person category (M/F).

Q) Will athletes have to qualify or is it open entry?

A) Elite categories will have to qualify, like all OCRWC events. All other categories will be open entry to anyone.

Q) Can we expect to see obstacles purely from True Grit or will there be obstacles included from other races as OCRWC does?

A)There will be number of new obstacles for the OCRWC 24hr Enduro. Being a 24hr race, there will be less emphasis on ‘Rig’ type obstacles, as athletes will find these difficult to complete over a 24hr race. The course will follow a traditional 10-11km loop, with obstacles shaped through grasslands, woodlands, granite escarpments, temperate rainforest and swamp. We would also love to see other Australian OCR companies contribute obstacles, similar to the way OCRWC operate at Blue Mountain, Canada.

Questions were gathered from multiple sources including Obstacle Racers Australia’s Facebook, where Obstacle Racers NZ had the chance to submit questions, such as when will True Grit come to New Zealand?

Q) Have you ever thought about the True Grit series jumping across the ditch and holding a NZ race?

A) We have looked at NZ, but at the moment our offshore focus is with True Grit Asia. We have currently signed licensees in Indonesia and China and entering negotiations with Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. With an amazing landscape like NZ, we would love to have a NZ licensee though!

Read the full Q&A with True Grit Co-Founder and Managing Director Adam McNamee at Obstacle Racers Australia.

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