Mud Galore at Rotorua Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

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There was mud galore, with people covered head-to-toe, as hundreds toughed out a challenging course this weekend. The Tough Guy and Gal Challenge Rotorua was held on Saturday at Lakes Ranch.

More than 1100 people took part, which was about the same as last year.

Speaking to the Rotorua Daily Post, Event Promotions marketing manager Aimee Gregory said the event had gone really well and that once again there was an awesome turnout.  She said the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge was something different and out of the norm from other events.

Mrs Parker said the atmosphere and the cheer the last person got coming through was great. “You’ve got everybody from the elite athletes who want to do a great time right through to people overcoming all sorts of challenges, and you’re just all together.”

Read the full article at the Rotorua Daily Post.

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