Your Guide to the 2017 OCR World Championships

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New Zealand at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships 2017

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships 2017 take place October 13-15 in Ontario, Canada.

Weaving your way to the start brings a new torrent of nerves. You stop
to hug a loved one and can’t be sure, but it seems tears are welling up in
the bottom of their eyes. They know how hard you worked for this and are
already so proud, but you quickly carry on so as not to be overwhelmed by
their emotions. After all, you know that your journey is just beginning.

Settling into the corral you find yourself shoulder to shoulder with athletes
from over 65 nations and you exchange glances and handshakes before
retreating to a corner to be alone. This moment is unique, one that you will
only experience once in your lifetime and you soak it all in—the music, the
voices, the scent of damp grass, the chill of the wind. And suddenly, when
the music lowers, that adrenaline drip gives way to a flood and you realize
that this is your day. A day that will show you just how great you can be. A
day that will reward you for striking the perfect balance between precision
and recklessness. One that will teach you things that can’t be learned in any
other place.

A day that will push you hard – maybe to your limits.

But you’re going to push back even harder.

It’s race day.

Welcome to the 2017 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships.

Five New Zealand athletes will compete at the World Championships in 2017!

Here’s your guide to the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) and the Kiwi athletes.

OCRWC background

What is the OCRWC?

The OCR World Championships is the “first truly independent global championship for the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing. It is a singular event created to unify, promote, and increase participation in the sport of OCR while celebrating its amazing athletes and community.”

In 2017 it takes place October 13-15 in Ontario, Canada.

Who’s representing New Zealand?

Five New Zealand athletes are representing New Zealand as part of Team OCR New Zealand:

  1. Reid Carnegie
  2. Ben Bolitho
  3. Scotty Thornton
  4. Hayden Cowan
  5. Cole Menzies

When do the Kiwi’s races take place?

Short Course World Championship (3km) – 13 October, 8:00 – 17:00 (NZT 14 October 1:00 – 10:00)

The 3-kilometer Short Course World Championship will pit athletes against one another on a fast-paced, obstacle-packed 3 kilometer course. The greatest combination of speed, strength, and technique will be paramount on a course that will leave little room for error in order to find yourself atop the podium.

Standard Course World Championship (15km) – 14 October, 8:00 – 21:00 14 (NZT 15 October 1:00 – 14:00)

The 15-kilometer World Championship will take athletes over mountainous terrain, through 50 obstacles and across the greatest finish line in obstacle course racing. The greatest combination of endurance, strength, and technique will be paramount on a course that will leave little room for error.

Other Races

The event also includes the Team Championship, and charity events of an Open Course and a CEO & Race Directors Challenge. In 2018 a 24-Hour Enduro World Championship will take place in Australia.

OCRWC wall

Will the event be broadcast live?

The event will be live streamed on OCRWC’s Facebook page from 9 October – 15 October starting at 20:00 each evening (NZT 13:00 the following day), with the exception of 15 October starting at  19:00 (NZT 15 October 12:00).

Where can I find the Kiwi’s results?

ORNZ will publish results as they become available.

Results will also be officially posted on the OCRWC website.

How does someone compete in the event?

Certain divisions require athletes qualify to compete. These divisions include Pro & Age Group divisions of the 3K & 15K events.

In New Zealand the Wairua Warrior is an OCRWC qualifying race. The top 3 in each gender in the Elite heat qualify to compete in the Pro divisions at the OCRWC 3km and 15km, while the top 10 in each gender in the Elite heat qualify to compete in the Age Group divisions at the OCRWC 3km and 15km.

There are no qualification requirements for Team or Charity divisions.

Athletes may also compete in Journeyman divisions when available. These divisions are reserved for the “sport’s most passionate athletes”. There are no finishing results requirement (i.e. third in your age group) to compete in these divisions. Instead, athletes are required to complete any four obstacle course races.

Has New Zealand been represented in previous events?

Yes, in 2016 Cole Menzies competed in both the 3km and 15km. In 2015, Josh Bishop competed (check out ORNZ’s interview with Josh Bishop here).

Josh Bishop

Josh Bishop

Where can I find out more?

ORNZ will bring coverage of the event. Check out our further posts on the OCRWC 2017:

Information can also be found at:

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