Obstacle Racers Take Over Linton Army Camp

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The Tough Guy and Gal Challenge is run nationally but Manawatu’s event has a special twist as civilians have the chance to take over the army camp.

Mud and shoulder-high freezing water is no match for 77-year-old Colleen Sloane who aced the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge at Linton Military Camp.

Sloane took on 30-metre-long tunnels and poles so high she had to be lifted up by soldiers. It’s her fifth event for the year, with a final challenge in Rotorua mid-August.

The fitness fanatic, who goes to the gym every morning at dawn, said age was no barrier and the Linton course was one of the easier courses.

It has the advantage of being flat. Keeping positive, Sloane said she even got to wash off some of the mud when she pushed through a waterway that nearly reached her neck. “I quite enjoy the mud and water. You just put your head down and bum up and crawl through.” Sloane set herself the challenge of completing six events in 2017 as she wanted to live life to the fullest, she said.

Read the full article from the Manawatu Standard.

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