Shepherd and Dog’s Obstacle Race Draws Hundreds to Huntaway Festival

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It was the Shepherds’ Shemozzle in the small town in Rangitīkei and the big race of the day was the highlight, as hundreds watched on.

The contestants raced with their dogs to the top of a steep hill, then came down to eat and drink ghastly things, and go through an obstacle course.

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They had to eat barley, drink a mixture of orange juice and ginger beer, carry bull’s testicles in their mouths, go through a spray dip, drag their dog in a wool pack, go over a rope swing, and carry their dog in a wheelbarrow to the finish line.

It was uncomfortable for some human competitors, but their dogs carried on, not perplexed at all.

The winner by more than a minute was Angus McKelvie, with his dog Red.

His father, National MP for Rangitīkei Ian McKelvie, said his son practised, and ran for half an hour each day in preparation for the big race.

First woman home was Charlotte Georges from Whanganui.

“I like racing, so it suited me. My dog Mog, who is 3 years old, was great too.”

The fine day brought hundreds to the streets of the small town.

About 200 children ran in the children’s shemozzle, which was taken out by Harvey Meyer.

The teens’ shemozzle was another great race, with 200 competitors running. The teens completed the same course, but without a dog at their side.

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