Sport NZ Acknowledges Parkour NZ as National Organisation for Parkour

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Sport NZ has formerly acknowledged New Zealand Parkour – Tauhōkai Aotearoa (Parkour
NZ) as the national organisation leading and governing the sport/activity of Parkour in New

“We’re proud to announce that Sport NZ has acknowledged Parkour NZ as the national organisation leading and governing parkour in New Zealand,” stated Parkour NZ on their website. “Although there is no formal recognition process for sports or sports organisations in New Zealand, this represents a significant step in the appreciation of parkour as a unique/distinct recreation and cultural practice in New Zealand, and of our position as its custodians.”

Parkour NZ

Sport NZ acknowledged the efforts of Parkour NZ in developing and delivering
parkour throughout the nation since its incorporation in 2011, working with a myriad of local
and national organisations, Regional Sports Trusts, councils, and schools.

Damien Puddle, CEO of Parkour NZ has said “We’ve been working hard for over 5 years to
develop and support parkour, as well as use it as a vehicle for positive change in people’s
lives. It’s exciting to see our efforts rewarded by this acknowledgement.”

According to the press release, Parkour NZ was unsuccessful in becoming a Sport NZ investment partner in 2014, with Sport NZ citing the infancy of the organisation as the main reason for not meeting the criteria. Although Parkour NZ is currently not a Sport NZ partner organisation, a change in
Sport NZ’s strategic objectives, including the development of Sport NZ’s Community Sport
Strategy 2015-20, puts Parkour NZ in a better position to potentially meet investment criteria
in the future.

The acknowledgement of Parkour NZ from Sport NZ has also resulted in an upgrade of
membership status with Parkour Earth, the International Federation for
Parkour/Freerunning/Art du Déplacement, of which Parkour NZ is a founding member

The announcement of Sport NZ’s acknowledgement of Parkour NZ also comes after Damien
Puddle, Parkour NZ’s CEO received the Administrator of the Year award at the 2017
Hamilton City Council Sport Volunteer Awards, for his service to Parkour NZ and the

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