Day 10: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

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Day 10:


Today, work on your balance technique. Obstacle racing isn’t just on flat, paved roads it involves technical injury-prone terrain and sometimes balance-based obstacles. Practicing your balance can improve your joint stability, body awareness, proprioception, and efficiency of movement – to bulletproof your ankles and knees against injuries while hauling ass over hazardous farmland, which is much loved by NZ event organisers. Find something low and narrow: a low retaining wall, low barrier rail, or etc and accumulate 5 minutes on it. Keep your back straight, chest up, arms out; practice finding your balance on one leg and both legs; practice moving fast and slow.

Obstacle Racers NZ Advent Calendar!

Each day in December, leading up to Christmas, we’ll reveal a daily challenge to get in mud shape. This advent calendar doesn’t involve chocolate (you can click here for some great chocolate recipes), but it does involve mud. We present the 2017 ORNZ Advent Calendar: 24 Days to Obstacle Racing.

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