‘Race Update’ News Added to ORNZ

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A new category of news has been added to the Obstacle Racers NZ website.

Titled ‘Race Updates’, this category will allow you to follow updates regarding races listed on the ORNZ race calendar.

We hope this new feature to the ORNZ website allows you to better be able to plan your race entries for the year and better be ale to keep up-to-date with obstacle racing in NZ!

News posted to the ‘race update’ category will include:

  • new races added to the ORNZ calendar
  • race cancellations
  • other relevant news regarding races (which doesn’t fit under the existing ‘national news‘ or ‘international news‘ categories)

You can find the ‘race update’ category through the home page or through the newly added drop-down menu under the ‘race calendar’ option on the menu at the top of every page.

If you’re an event organiser we encourage you to contact us with the details of your races or with any updates about your races you’d like us to consider posting. As there are many races around the country, we are unable to catch all the details of each and every race and we apologise for this. If you see a race not on the race calendar, or if we have any details of races on the race calendar incorrect, please contact us.

Click here to view the ‘race update’ news category.

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