Day 23: Obstacle Racing Advent Calendar

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Day 23:


So you think you’re a runner? But can you run with a f***-off heavy sandbag on your shoulders? The weight carry section is often the uncomfortable making or breaking point of a race. While heavy carries are not an obstacle seen in too many New Zealand races, if you’re considering entering one of those in NZ that do involve carries or perhaps considering entering an international race, it’ll help to prepare with some time spent under load. For today’s ORNZ advent challenge: pickup something heavy and cover 1km as fast as possible. If you have a 10-30kg sandbag lying around then aim for that, but otherwise a bucket full of dirt, a large container full of water, or a sportsbag fulled with heavy stuff can work.

Obstacle Racers NZ Advent Calendar!

Each day in December, leading up to Christmas, we’ll reveal a daily challenge to get in mud shape. This advent calendar doesn’t involve chocolate (you can click here for some great chocolate recipes), but it does involve mud. We present the 2017 ORNZ Advent Calendar: 24 Days to Obstacle Racing.

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