Tough Mudder Retires Electroshock Therapy as Infamous Finisher Obstacle

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Happy Ending Replaces Electroshock Therapy as Tough Mudder Finisher Obstacle

Tough Mudder unveiled a new finisher obstacle – Happy Ending, presented by Merrell – for its 2018 event season.

Happy Ending is the new Tough Mudder finisher obstacle requiring teamwork by participants of all levels.

Sitting at nearly 25 feet tall and over 80 feet wide and 100 feet long, it marks the biggest structure ever featured on course.

To complete Happy Ending, participants must climb and push their way up an angled structure (40 degrees) creating human pyramids as they ladder over one another up multiple slippery inclines. At the summit, participants then dive feet-first down a 30 foot slide into a water pit.

Happy Ending 01 Tough Mudder

To complete Happy Ending, participants must climb and push their way up an angled structure (40 degrees) creating human pyramids

Dedicated to development of new products and entry points that enable millions of people to be part of Mudder Nation, Happy Ending brings participants together no matter the person’s athletic ability, number of events run or event (Tough Mudder Full 10 miles; or Tough Mudder Half 5 miles). Teamwork and camaraderie – the Tough Mudder spirit – will be felt as participants cross the Finish line together.

Happy Ending 02 Tough Mudder

Happy Ending replaces the infamous Electroshock Therapy (EST) obstacle in which participants ran through dangling electrified wires. Although EST is “retiring” as a finisher challenge, it will transition to the Tough Mudder Full (10 mile) course and will be optional for all participants via bypass lanes – as not all are ready to get shocked with 10,000 volts.

Participants who are looking for a new shocking challenge may choose to exit Happy Ending by sliding down Third Rail – the bonus electricity challenge featuring more than 10,000 volts hanging from wires on a 30-foot slide into a pit of water. This is an optional challenge is for the bravest of all participants. Those not wishing to give it a shock – shot – may slide down the regular Happy Ending exit.

Happy Ending 05 Tough Mudder

“Tough Mudder is an inclusive brand committed to connecting people. As a global tribe, we break down social barriers such as race, religion and politics. By using our sport as a vehicle for change, our events highlight the everyday heroes and elite athletes who together bring positive transformation worldwide,” said Will Dean, Tough Mudder, Inc. CEO and Co-Founder. “We look forward to welcoming thousands of new and returning participants to Mudder Nation in 2018 to face these challenges together – from completing the best-in-class obstacles on course to overcoming issues off. We remain dedicated to engineering ways to challenge our participants, both physically and mentally, all while giving millions of people a ‘Happy Ending’ and creating an exciting environment that showcases how we are stronger when we are united. ”

Will Happy Ending be at Tough Mudder New Zealand?

We reached out to Tough Mudder New Zealand to ask if there will be a Happy Ending at Tough Mudder Auckland in 2018, but they have not confirmed whether we will see Happy Ending, or the other newly announced obstacles, on New Zealand soil in Auckland.

However, considering that Tough Mudder’s announcement relates to their global events it’s very likely we will see Happy Ending replacing EST at Tough Mudder Auckland later this year.

Kong Levels Up

Tough Mudder also announced updates to another of its signature obstacles – Kong.

A literal “spin” off of the iconic Kong obstacle, Kong Infinity is engineered to test even the most experienced Tough Mudders by being one of the most technically challenging obstacles on course. Requiring upper body strength and agility, participants start by climbing a 15 foot structure to reach a barrel which has handles fixed around its circumference on a set of tracks suspended more than 20 feet off the ground. By using momentum, participants rotate the barrel along the tracks to the other side. Kong-Infinity was designed by Ross Munro and Jonny McDonald of Glasgow, U.K.

Kong, the giant, 30-foot obstacle in which participants swing like Tarzan, traversing from one floating ring to another, will be featured on the Tough Mudder Full course where everyone will have the opportunity to conquer this massive challenge.

Kong Infinity Tough Mudder

Kong Infinity is engineered to test even the most experienced Tough Mudders

The Obstacle Vault Is Opened

Tough Mudder also revealed the iconic “Vault” obstacles (previously retired) coming back to course in 2018.

To celebrate Tough Mudder’s long and epic history of obstacle innovation, the company wants Mudder Nation to select which obstacles will return to course in 2018. The company unveiled the 25 historic obstacles Mudder Nation may vote on through Thursday, Jan. 25 at The winning “Vault” obstacles will be unveiled Feb. 5 with two-to-three historic challenges featured on every course in 2018 giving participants the chance to relive their favorite classics or for new Mudders, the chance to experience the best obstacles Tough Mudder has had to offer.

A full list of the 25 obstacles is available online at

New Legionnaire Only Obstacles

As an upgrade to the Vault obstacles for Legionnaires, participants who have completed multiple events, every course will have mystery vault features designed specifically for the Mudder Legion that include unique, never-before-seen modifications and design elements.

Another Legionnaire only obstacle coming to course is T-Boned – an added challenge to the classic Skidmarked, a slanted 10 foot wall. Participant’s upper body strength will be put to the test with an added twist of a 90 degree horizontal ledge to overcome 9 feet off the ground.

Tough Mudder Auckland 3-4 Nov 2018

Tough Mudder takes place in New Zealand 3-4th November 2018 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Auckland. See the event listing on ORNZ.

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