Rumour Mill: 2019 Spartan Race in New Zealand

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Is Spartan Race Holding an Event in New Zealand in 2019?

Spartan Race has dropped another hint that a potential New Zealand Spartan Race is in development.

In posts to the closed Spartan Race Street Team Australia facebook group and instagram, New Zealand was heavily suggested as a potential race location for 2019.

A photo of the post in the facebook group was sent to us from an anonymous source, and can be seen as shared  to ORNZ’s facebook page embedded below.

There have been consistent rumours that Spartan Race has been developing a New Zealand event. In 2017 we reported on rumours of a potential Spartan Race in New Zealand – after social media posts from Obstacle Course Racing New Zealand and Max DeLacy, the CEO of Spartan Race Australia, hinted at the potential development of a Spartan Race in a New Zealand location.

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