Introducing the MatakanaXrun

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There’s something happening in Matakana, 60km north of Auckland.

We’ve been hearing a bit of chatter recently saying “hey, you should pay attention to the MatakanaXrun”, so hey, we’ll shutup and pay attention to the MatakanaXrun. Below we bring you a brief of the race details, and it’s ticking a lot of boxes: Great obstacles, camaraderie, passion, and challenge? Tick, tick, tick, and tick… this is a great, if undersung, New Zealand OCR event you’re going to want to check out!

Introducing the MatakanaXrun

The MatakanaXrun7 takes place February 24th!

This is the fourth year of the MatakanaXrun, with two events per year – a summer event each February and a winter event each July.

The course consists of a permanent purpose-built OCR course that is 2 lanes wide and 3km long. Participants have a choice of 2 laps (6km) or 3 laps (9km).

The event is run in teams of two. This allows for team tactics and camaraderie, and some obstacles require two members to complete – ie the Body Brag and the Death Crawl.

The 2-lane course course is obstacle packed! With approx 35 obstacles per lap. Obstacles include:

  • incline walls
  • cat walks
  • 3 meter walls
  • pipe crawls
  • net covered mud trenches
  • monkey bars
  • burma bridges
  • a lake swim
  • a vertical net climb
  • a smoke filled tunnel
  • a mud trench covered with an electrified net
  • zip lines
  • rope swings
  • and more! (there is also room for the occasional run to stretch the legs)

“Over time we have managed to balance the course so it provides a challenge for the Liam Wilkinson’s of this world as well as those that are out for a bit of fun.” said organiser Max Carpenter. Liam Wilkinson, along with teammate Scotty Thornton, won the MatakanaXrun6. “Usually about a quarter of those that enter the 9km event finish after 6km! So we believe that is about right in the difficulty stakes.”

There are performance related and spot prizes, all competitors receive a printed tshirt, and after-action certificates of attendance and performance can be downloaded after the event. Race timing is done by Bart Muylle from MyTime.

The event is run to support the Puriri Tree Foundation “This trust supports underprivileged students to attend leadership and team based camps in the greater Auckland Region from Waikato to the Far North. It does great work and we are proud to support them” said Max Carpenter.

If you’ll miss this year’s summer event, don’t worry… we can confirm that the next event, the MatakanaXrun8, will be held on Saturday July 21st 2018!

The MatakanaXrun7 takes place February 24th 2018.

All the entry details are on Action Matakana or the Matakanaxrun Facebook page.

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