Australian Spartan is the People’s Obstacle Course Show

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The Spinoff argues that Australian Spartan is the superior obstacle course show. While we at Obstacle Racers NZ beg to differ (see here for our commentary and review of Australian Spartan), we’re currently cheering the New Zealand teams on (follow the recap of the New Zealand teams on Australian Spartan) and recommend you jump on over to The Spinoff to read their full commentary.

Australian Spartan (Sunday nights, TVNZ 2) is the latest arrival at this particular intersection of sports and reality TV after aggressively tailgating last year’s successful Australian Ninja Warrior onto Antipodean screens.

Spartan is the My Kitchen Rules to Ninja Warrior’s Masterchef. While both feature super fit muscle men and women and take place on overgrown versions of the What Now gunge run, only an obstacle course fool would say they’re the same thing. Spartan has plenty of nuances and quirks to set it apart from the Ninja Warriors and Ultimate Beastmasters of this world – and in some ways make it the superior obstacle course show.

Read full article at The Spinoff.

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