Obstacle Racers NZ to Add Official Cash Rate News to its Homepage

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April Fools:

Obstacle Racers NZ announced today the inclusion of broader news on its website for the activity of OCR in New Zealand.

Obstacle Racers NZ now covering NZ Official Cash Rate news

Our mission statement is to be your “premiere resource for all things OCR and mud running in New Zealand!” (The exclamation mark is important, because we’re passionate about achieving this.) So to progress towards this aim Obstacle Racers NZ will now be covering more news on New Zealand OCR.

A news category has been created on the Obstacle Racers NZ website for ‘official cash rate’ news.

On the Obstacle Racers NZ website you’ll now find ‘national obstacle racing news’ and ‘official cash rate’ news listed first at the top of the homepage under the title ‘OCR News’ for easier viewing.

Official cash rate 01

What is the official cash rate? “The official cash rate (OCR) is the term used in Australia and New Zealand for the bank rate and is the rate of interest which the central bank charges on overnight loans to commercial banks.”

The addition has been trialed with some friends and family over the past few days and feedback has been positive:

Many people get the terms obstacle course racing and official cash rate confused. It’s funny talking at Gloria Jeans the other day, and my friends were staring at me with puzzled looks as I mentioned OCR. I mean, OCR isn’t just a race. Now I can send them to Obstacle Racers NZ and they can understand both the OCR and OCR. – Katy M.

Sometimes when I’m standing in line to buy a hotdog at a race I just want to check the financial news. Now I can. –  Steve B.

Sometimes I feel like navigating financial advice is like running an obstacle course. Thank you Obstacle Racers NZ for solving the problem of OCR information. – Doug T.

“Thank you Obstacle Racers NZ for solving the problem of OCR information.” You’re welcome! Obstacle Racers NZ – bringing you all things OCR and mud running in New Zealand!

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