MatakanaXrun First to Partner with Obstacle Racers NZ

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Obstacle Racers NZ will be partnering with select events to bring you the best obstacle racing experiences in New Zealand!

The first event to be added is the MatakanaXrun.


The MatakanaXrun is a two person team event held over a permanent purpose-built OCR course that is two lanes wide, 3km long, and jam packed with approx 35 obstacles per lap. Participants have a choice of 2 laps (6km) or 3 laps (9km).

There are two events each year – a summer event each February and a winter event each July.

“Over time we have managed to balance the course so it provides a challenge for the Liam Wilkinson’s of this world as well as those that are out for a bit of fun.” said organiser Max Carpenter. Read more at Introducing the MatakanaXrun.

“I’ll make no bones about it, the Matakana X Run winter event is rammed with slippy, wet, muddy, military themed obstacles, punctuated with a few energy sapping cold water obstacles. This was probably one of the toughest 9km of my race career and I was grateful to have a race partner as capable as Magz to drag me through. As an indication of how much work is required I will compare our time of 2 hrs 15 min for 9km to the Spartan Super in Hawaii were I finished 16km in much the same time.” wrote Jason Palmer. Read more at MatakanaXrun Race Review.

Obstacle Racers NZ highly recommends you check this race out!

Partnered events are quality New Zealand events which will be promoted through the Obstacle Racers NZ website, newsletter, and social media. As lovers of obstacle races and mud runs, we can highly recommend our partnered events. Whether you’re looking to have a great time with friends, you’re sick of boring and forgettable road races, or you’re looking to rise up and test yourself against an obstacle packed challenge – the partnered events are quality events to take on as your next exciting challenge!

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