Tough Guy and Gal Wellington 2018 Results and Finisher Interviews

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The 2018 Tough Guy and Gal series, New Zealand’s largest mud run series, kicked off in Wellington on the 26th May.

Obstacle Racers NZ brings you the qualifier results as well as a link to where you can find the full event results.

Qualifier Results

With an established history in the New Zealand mud running scene, the Tough Guy and Gal series is notable for having its own Championship, held at the final event in Auckland. Podium winners from across the series compete to become the ultimate champion. The top 3 men and women from each age division in the 12km distance at each primary Tough Guy and Gal race qualify to compete in the Championship sponsored by Moa Beer.

Wellington Qualifiers


39 and under
  1. Kane Armstrong
  2. Tom Peck
  3. Rata Chapman Olsen
40 and over
  1. Mat Devery
  2. Harley Hubbard
  3. Chris Bowden


39 and under
  1. Danel Korb
  2. Melanie Stowell
  3.  Lina Goldstein
40 and over
  1. Miriam Clark
  2. Tennille Snooks
  3. Tara Cooper

Finish Line Interviews

Max Bell was on-site to get finisher interviews with Kane Armstrong, 1st place male, and Tom Peck, 2nd place male, as they crossed the finish line. Listen to the interviews below (warning: there’s loud background noise from the race announcements) or read the text versions below. Unfortunately, his battery died shortly after the interviews and we were not able to get further coverage from the event.

Kane Armstrong – 1st place (male 39 and under)

With a blazing time of 57:39, Kane Armstrong set a new record for the tough Wellington course.

Kane: My name’s Kane Armstrong, I’m from Paramata or Campbourne. Wellington based.

ORNZ: You just ran the 12km.

Kane: 12km, yea. Last year I ran the 6km, and won, so this year I thought I’d give it a crack at the 12km.

ORNZ: Congratulations.

Kane: It was a little different from my normal discipline of triathlon, which is what I’m training for at the moment.

ORNZ: That’s your main sport, is triathlon?

Kane: That’s it yea, I’m currently training for the age group Worlds which is based in the Cold Coast this year. So that’s my main training for September, but I thought I’d come along and do something a bit of fun for a change.

ORNZ: How do you find all the mud, and was there electric wires out there this year?

Kane: Yea the electric wires got me, last year they didn’t get me but this year I got two really good zaps which just about put me down. It was great actually, I was a bit worried it was going to be cancelled from the weather last night. It was perfect conditions. It’s always a bit harder on the second lap, catching up with a few people and trying to pass but they’re all pretty nice and they ended up letting you through.

ORNZ: Are you aware of the championships, are you going to be heading off to those?

Kane: Yea I knew there was some but I might have to see when they are and see if they fit in and maybe pop along to them.

Tom Peck – 2nd place (male 39 and under)

Tom: My name’s Tom Peck.

ORNZ: You just finished 2nd in the men’s 12km?

Tom: Yea. It was a bit of a struggle between me and the 3rd place guy, we were sort of chopping and changing a fair bit. But I managed to get him on the hill and I managed to keep my lead after that.

ORNZ: How did you find the hill?

Tom: Tough. A lot slipperier than last year. I’ve done this a few years now and last year I actually came 3rd so I one upped my placing from last year.

ORNZ: Well done. Did you wear any spiked shoes for the hill?

Tom: Yea, but these are getting a bit old now, they’ve got a worn back. Coming down the other side there’s a lot of time on your ass just sort of slipping down and I cracked my knee on a rock at one point. The second lap is really tough as you’re having to overtake all the people still doing their first lap and there’s just hundreds of them. You’re tired, you’re trying to just finish and they’re in the way and you don’t know where the next guy behind you is, but it’s good fun.

ORNZ: What do you normally do, you normally do running?

Tom: Trail running mostly, with work mates or with friends on the weekends or by myself. I live in Karori and there’s heaps of trails around there. I do the skyline, or makara peaks is my favourite run. I’ve got three young kids so I don’t get a lot of time to get out and do running but when I do I make the most of it.

ORNZ: Same. Sounds like me. What about the championships? Are you aware of those, are you going to head to those this year?

Tom: I don’t think so. I won’t be allowed a pass out so. I was lucky to get out today as I had a stomach bug a couple of days ago, but I’m not feeling too bad today. My wife wasn’t going to let me go, but she did.

Full Results

Full results, including all distances and divisions, can be found here.

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