Tough Guy and Gal Hamilton 2018 Results

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The 2018 Tough Guy and Gal series, New Zealand’s largest mud run series, is underway! Obstacle Racers NZ brings you the qualifier results as well as a link to where you can find the full event results.

Qualifier Results

With an established history in the New Zealand mud running scene, the Tough Guy and Gal series is notable for having its own Championship, held at the final event in Auckland. Podium winners from across the series compete to become the ultimate champion. The top 3 men and women from each age division in the 12km distance at each primary Tough Guy and Gal race qualify to compete in the Championship sponsored by Moa Beer.

Hamilton Qualifiers – Day 1


39 and under
  1. Ryan Walmsley
  2. Marwane El Kamraoui
  3. Dylan Kenny
40 and over
  1. Paul Mudge
  2. Martin Carroll
  3. Ian Hinchliffe


39 and under
  1. Holly Odgers
  2. Allysia Kraakman
  3. Rachel Parker
40 and over
  1. Sarah Smith
  2. Romelia Goodin
  3. Jeanette McKinnon

Hamilton Qualifiers – Day 2


39 and under
  1. Mohjo Saunders Thomsen
  2. Sak Bentham
  3. Bobby Hunn
40 and over
  1. Jason Bartley


39 and under
  1. Vita Dryden
  2. Cassia Lee
  3. Charlotte Leach
40 and over
  1. Richelle Whittaker
  2. Vanessa Claxton

Full Results

Full results, including all distances and divisions, can be found here and here.

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