Spartan in New Zealand: Are the Rumours True!

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The rumours are true… proclaims a video recently posted on social media, by Spartan Race Australia to the Spartans of Australia facebook group.

You can watch the video embedded below, or on facebook.

Part of the video’s description states, “The rumours are true – Paul’s in New Zealand… for reasons undisclosed”

Paul Harwood, race director for Spartan Australia, features in the video saying, “I’m here in New Zealand checking out the amazing terrain that there is over here.” He goes on to say, “Not promising anything just yet, but we’re out here looking.”

There have been persistent rumours of a Spartan Race event being planned for a New Zealand location.

Although nothing has been confirmed, is it possible that with the 2018 calendar of Spartan events already filled up that a potential 2019 Spartan event in New Zealand become a reality?

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