New Event Added: Hawaiki Toa 2018

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Hawaiki Toa Added to ORNZ Race Calendar

Hawaiki Toa takes place 17th November in Auckland.

Hawaiki TOA is an international endurance event that integrates traditional Māori training philosophies into a custom made pā (fortress) site designed to provide people with a unique Māori experience. Centred around the elements of the gods, Hawaiki TOA incorporates significant themes of navigation, cultivation, and life inside the fortress.

Each course consists of a swim, run, and obstacle course. On each leg of the course, you will encounter uniquely Māori challenges. The mission is to find a pounamu (greenstone) located on the shoreline of our waters in the swim event along with your taura (necklace) found in the run, this taonga (treasure) must then be worn around the neck to enter into the last round of Te Pā.(The obstacle course). Only then can each competitor will be honoured by the elements of the gods as a warrior of our time.

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