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Don’t Forget These Essential Mud Running Items

Entering an obstacle race? There’s a lot to figure out… but with this list you have one less thing to freak out about because here’s the essential gear you’ll need for any mud run. This is the gear you’ll need not just to survive the run but also to have a great, and comfortable, time pushing yourself.

Running Gear

  • Shoes – for the run, make sure to wear comfortable running shoes. We recommend trail shoes, over road running shoes, for their superior grip in muddy conditions. Wearing trail running shoes will help you not fall on your ass quite as much as every other runner out there in the mud. They also also have other benefits for mud running depending on the model, such as draining water easily or being very light-weight.
  • Running clothes – wear something you can move freely and comfortably in. Your clothing will need to be breathable for when you sweat, not hold water for after you emerge from water pits, and be flexible for when you encounter obstacles which require climbing, crawling, jumping or so on. Other considerations include wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and clothes that will look good in race photos so that you can update your social media profile pics after the race.
  • Sense of humour – remember, you’re paying to run through mud, wade through water, climb walls, crawl under barbed wire, and generally do difficult stuff that’s going to make you sore for a few days… you’re going to want to approach it all with a positive attitude and a sense of humour! Don’t take yourself too seriously. While not technically an item of “gear”, it makes the event so much more fun to chat with fellow runners on course, make jokes, help them over obstacles, and generally survive the sufferfest together.
  • Grit – there may be moments on the course when you question your sanity, and may even want to quit. But you’ll regret it if you do. Be stubborn and trudge through whatever the course designers may throw at you. You’ll eventually cross the finish line and look back proudly at what you achieved! There’s usually beer and food trucks at the end. So don’t forget to pack a giant bag of grit for your next obstacle run.

Post-running Gear

  • Clean clothes – get out of those wet, dirty and sweaty clothes and into something dry and fresh. Take it from someone who’s forgotten to bring a change of pants to a race before, you’re not going to want to travel all the way home in your stinky and wet race gear.
  • Towel – don’t forget a nice fluffy towel to dry off with! Or to hide your decently with, in case the changing rooms are full and you’re in such a hurry to get into your dry clothes that you just want to get changed anywhere, which at these events often ends up being in the middle of a farm paddock.
  • Shoes – bring another pair of shoes for wearing around after the run. As the event’s festival area will often get muddy from all the people, bringing gumboots may even be a good option.
  • Jacket – don’t forget something to keep yourself warm.
  • Plastic bag/s – bringing multiple plastic bags was a tip I was given before my first run, and you won’t believe how many times others have asked for one as they hadn’t bought one themselves. You probably won’t want to put your wet and muddy gear straight into the car afterwards, so bring a waterproof bag to transport it all in.
  • Cash – due to the remote location of many events, the food vendors, coffee carts, event merchandise stands and so on may not have eftpos available, so make sure you bring cash for those well deserved refreshments.

Optional Gear

  • Food – in-case you prefer to bring your own rather than buy from on-site food vendors, bring some food to refuel yourself.
  • Water – a large water bottle for after you cross the finish line!
  • Camera – take before/after photos, capture the action or share the experience as your new social media profile picture. Most events will also have official photographers capturing the best moments of the course – sometimes these are posted for free on the event’s social media, sometimes these are offered for sale to the runners.
  • Costume – instead of the standard running gear, try running in a costume! Many events even have prizes for the best dressed individuals or teams.

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Anything else you’ve found essential but that isn’t on this list? Let us know.

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