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Discount Code: 10% off the Wairua Warrior

The Wairua Warrior is in its 5th year anniversary, and Obstacle Racers NZ has a 10% off discount code to offer!

The Wairua Warrior is an obstacle course race to challenge your strength, endurance and mental attitude. ”Welcome to NZ’s premier obstacle course race!”

Save 10% off your 2019 entry with the following discount code. Use code:


Simply go to the Wairua Warrior website and enter the code on checkout to save.

The Wairua Warrior takes place March 16th 2019, at the beautiful rural setting of Cable Bay Adventure Park in Nelson. This is an ideal location with undulating terrain, a river , natural and man made obstacles and lots of mud! There will be 30+ obstacles ranging from balance beams to monkey bars, sand bag carries, climbing walls and tyre drags.

The Wairua Warrior has a brand new course layout for you with new and improved obstacles and not one, but two amazing “spectator friendly” obstacle arenas so your family and friends can follow your progress.

Some obstacles will require physical strength while others will require endurance and balance. Most importantly, all the obstacles can be achieved as a team so whether you are a first timer or a seasoned athlete, the Wairua Warrior has something for you.

Register for 2019 at the Wairua Warrior website.

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