After Declining Participation, Naki Run Amuck Announces 2019 Was Final Event

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After eight years, thousands of dollars raised for charity, and an awful lot of laundry detergent, Taranaki has run amuck for the final time.

Naki Run Amuck has called 2019 its final year after declining participation numbers.

The Taranaki Daily News reports that the event drew more than 400 entires on Sunday, but that wasn’t enough to keep the event.

“It’s disappointing numbers and because of that it’s our final year,” Naki Run Amuck event director Evan Cottam said. “Last year we struggled to get where we got to and this year we really struggled. In fact, a week ago we were losing money on it.”

Over the eight years they had raised more than $175,000 for the community in total and this year they raised just under $10,000. The chosen charity for this years’ money was going to New Zealand Land Search and Rescue. 

“I would like think one day in the future we’ll resurrect it,” he said. 

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