Race Directory and Categories added to ORNZ Website

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A Race Directory has been added to the website.

You can access the race directory through the top menu of the website.

In the race directory you’ll find all events listed in one table for easy reference! Listed are all current obstacle events, obstacle course races, and mud runs in New Zealand.

race directory screenshot

The race directory allows you to easily find events. It can be searched using the search box built-in to the top of the table, and it can be sorted alphabetically by column. You can, for example, sort the table by all races in your region (either by typing your region into the search box or by sorting the region column alphabetically and scrolling to your region) so that you can easily learn about races near you and plan which ones to enter!

The race directory doesn’t list dates however. For a list of upcoming races listed in date order, please see the race calendar. The race calendar has search functions and a filter bar, but only displays upcoming races.

Race categories have also been added to the website. These categories have been added to races to classify them, and include distances of the course, the presence of features such as elite waves, qualifier status, prize money, and whether the event is a kids, teens or team only event. Certain unique classifications to distinguish unique races have also been added such as zombie, dogs, and parkour. Clicking on a category will bring you to the race calendar filtered by all upcoming events in that category.

Using the race directory, the event calendar, race categories and other features combined, you can hopefully find your next awesome challenge for your bucket list!

The Obstacle Racers NZ website is very much a living document that changes and aims to make finding races easier. We’d like to focus more on improving the event listings on the website. If you can think of any additions or changes please let us know.

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