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Use Discount Code for 10% Off Wanaka Dash

Wanaka Dash have kindly provided us with a discount code for their inaugural event!

The Wanaka Dash is a 7km, 20-24 obstacle course run with a family/carnival atmosphere, that will be held at Glendhu Station, Wanaka. The aim of the event is to promote fitness and participation rather than competing.

You will run, splash, jump, climb, crawl, carry and drag obstacles that will test the limits of your physical and mental fitness. The end result as you cross the finish line will be one of immense satisfaction and a sign that you are now a Wanaka Titan.

Kids will be able to “have a go” at a kids obstacle course and spectators can also try their hand at a selection of the main obstacles – all for free while their family and friends partake in the main event.

The inaugural Wanaka Dash takes place 27th October, 2019 at Glendhu Station, Wanaka.

Use the following code for 10% off entry:


Register via Multi Peak Fitness and enter the code to save.

Also, check out the Wanaka Titans on Facebook for event and other obstacle course racing content.

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