What Does the Spartan Wedge Do?

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Spartan Auckland 2019 loot

Spartan’s inaugural New Zealand event took place in Auckland, August 2019. If you completed Spartan Auckland, you will have been given a medal at the finishing line. But the medal contained two parts: the medal itself and an attached wedge.

But what is that wedge? And why did the a******s only print the top part of the helmet logo? Did someone mess up at the factory?

If you’re left puzzled on what the wedge is about, and why it seems to be missing the rest of the picture, this post is to explain: what is the Spartan wedge? And what is it for?

What is the wedge?

The Spartan wedge, along with the Spartan medal, signifies completing a particular Spartan event. The Sprint wedge has a red background and features the top section of the Spartan logo.

The wedge deliberately displays only a portion of the full Spartan logo, as it’s designed to fit together with two further wedges, gained by completing further Spartan events, to complete a the full Spartan logo.

Spartan Sprint 2019 medal and wedge
Spartan Sprint 2019 medal and wedge

This completed set of wedges comprises three wedges, each with a different coloured background, and is known as a Spartan “trifecta”.

Wedge demo

The Spartan wedges are designed to fit together to complete a “trifecta”.

What is a trifecta?

A Spartan Trifecta is the successful completion of the three main Spartan race distances:

  • Sprint (5km)
  • Super (13km)
  • Beast (21km)
Spartan trifecta patch

(Alternatively, a trifecta can be achieved by completing a Stadion instead of a Sprint, or an Ultra instead of a Beast.)

If you complete a trifecta within one calendar year, you officially join the Trifecta Tribe. Bonuses include being listed on the annual trifecta rankings and qualifying for the Spartan Trifecta World Championships held in Sparta, Greece. You can even earn special multi trifecta medals bu completing multiple trifectas in a single year. Around the world there’re Trifecta Weekend events where you can smash out your trifecta in a single weekend and receive unique trifecta medals.

Combining all three wedges together completes the trifecta display,

Spartan delta medal display
The Spartan trifecta with display plate

Having a trifecta on display is truly an accomplishment. A trifecta display plate, inscribed with “camaraderie, courage, competition”, can be purchased to show off your enviable collection.

But the challenge doesn’t stop there… the trifecta is then in turn part of the “delta”.

What is a delta?

For those truly die-hard Spartans out there, completing your delta is the ultimate trophy.

The Spartan Delta is a collection of achievements from Spartan’s “three core disciplines, representing mastery of Mind, Body and Spirit. Their underlying principles, long understood by ancient cultures, are largely lost to the modern world. Each discipline embodies the Spartan pursuit of resilience, positive transformation and constant improvement.”

The delta consists of three trifectas, nine wedges in total.

In 2019 the delta changed to consist of mind, body and spirit:

Mind: Knowledge, selflessness and community. Centered around training, coaching and giving back to the Spartan community by helping others.

Body: Athleticism, strength and competition. The original Trifecta, earned by completing 1 Stadion or Sprint, 1 Super and 1 Beast or Ultra in a calendar year.

Spirit: Grueling tests of character and personal transformation through adversity. Spartan’s Extreme Endurance events are found here, including the Hurricane Heat and Agoge.

The collection can be displayed on special display plates which can be combined to form a 3D pyramid structure.

The delta pyramid display looks truly impressive

It has to be said that a completed delta looks damn impressive. There’re numerous options to display and customise your delta collection, including event-specific icons which slot in around the wedges and tell your tale of how you earnt your own personal delta. There’s even a Swarovski Crystal Delta Pyramid for $800 USD!

How do I complete my trifecta in New Zealand?

If, like me, you received your Sprint wedge at Auckland 2019 and are looking for more? How do you complete your trifecta in New Zealand?

In 2019 a Sprint event was held in New Zealand. What we do know is that Spartan will be returning to New Zealand in 2020, but at the time of writing this post the 2020 event has not yet been announced. However we’re very much hoping more event options will come to New Zealand, allowing for Kiwis to complete more Spartan offerings on home soil!

If you’re open to travelling abroad, across the ditch Spartan events are held around Australia. Further abroad, Spartan events are held in Hawaii or Asia.

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