Spartan Announces New Virtual Racing in-place of Spartan Auckland

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After hearing that Spartan Auckland 2020 was postponed indefinitely due to covid-19, you may be left with a hole in your calendar. Fortunately, Spartan is now offering more options to fill your weekends!

Spartan has announced an upgrade to their virtual races – virtual racing 2.0.

Spartan virtual races 2.0 start in July 2020 with a race available to complete every weekend throughout July and August! Every weekend a different distance will be on offer. Yes, this means you can still run on the original dates of Auckland, July 25th-26th.

While it’s not equivalent to an actual Spartan event like what would’ve taken place at Auckland – it’s quite an experience with the atmosphere of gathered people, the food trucks, the constructed obstacles, and the shared suffering to cross the finish line – virtual races are a great alternative to challenge your fitness, especially with Auckland postponed.

The virtual races are free to enter.

However you can pay to upgrade to finisher bundles which include finisher medals, trifecta wedges, finisher shirts and more. New in 2.0 are new shirt and medal designs.

In the virtual races you can earn a spot on the global leader boards. New in 2.0 are country leaderboards, in which the country and U.S. state with the most entries each week is declared the weekly Virtual Race Champs.

Also new in 2.0 are:

Mountain mode – this optional challenge will only be offered on certain weekends. Racers must complete at least 500 m of elevation over the course of their race to join.

Trail – a zero-obstacle, 10K and 21K challenge that will test your grit in the great outdoors.

Check out the July schedule below, and register now.

So while Auckland has been postponed with no new date announced, the plus side for us in NZ is that we’re not devoid of Spartan offerings for 2020 and, in fact, we can even earn a trifecta this year thanks to virtual races. What’s more, the Auckland weekend, July 25th-26th, has now been confirmed as the Ultra weekend… for those hardcore enough to take that distance on!

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