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Obstacle course racing is an amazing activity – full of mud, challenges, and great friends – but in New Zealand we can’t be racing every weekend. If you want that OCR fix, perhaps while you’re putting in the miles or commuting to work, there’re some great obstacle racing podcasts out there to help you fill that OCR craving. While they’re from an overseas perspective, they provide an insight into the sport that is OCR. Here we’ve collected our favourites, full of motivation, fitness tips, and current events from the sport of OCR!

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favourites.

Favourite OCR Podcasts

Obstacle Racing Media

The podcast of the prolific Matt B. Davis, Obstacle Racing Media covers events in the OCR industry with plenty of interviews and off-topic banter.

Obstacle Race Magazine

While most of the other podcasts are from a North American perspective, this podcast from Obstacle Racing Magazine covers the OCR industry in the UK.

Obstacle Dominator

Fitness orientated, this podcast is for those wanting to up their game and learn from the top athletes in the sport.

OCR Report network

While I can’t say I’ve listened to much from the OCR Report network, they’ve established a network of top-quality podcasts described as the best OCR podcasts focusing on the elite side of the sport. The podcasts hosted are Obstacle Racing Adventures, OCR Talk, OCR Report, Overcome and Run, and World’s Toughest Podcast.

Podcast Special Mentions

These podcasts aren’t OCR specific, but we wanted to highlight some other noteworthy podcasts that may be of interest to you.

Spartan Up!

This podcast from Spartan is not about racing, but rather focuses on learning to succeed in all walks of life. Spartan founder Joe De Sena and his team interview high achievers. While I’ve yet to catch up to current episodes, it looks like it’s recently split into smaller categorised podcasts.

Dirt Church Radio

Deserves a big mention as this is a New Zealand based running podcast, with topics and guests of interest for NZ runners.

Merchants of Dirt

This podcast is aimed at race organisers, rather than participants, and provides a ton of insight into what sort of thought goes into a successful event.

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