Season 5 of Australian Ninja Warrior Screens in NZ

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Season 5 of smash hit show Australian Ninja Warrior screens in New Zealand on Three and Three Now starting October 17th 2021.

It can be watched on demand on Three Now.

Australian Ninja Warrior brings you nail-biting action as contestants with monstrous physical strength and endurance try to complete seemingly impossible courses. The fifth season featured the toughest course ever designed. The Ninjas were challenged in new and unexpected ways with never before seen obstacles like the lung-busting Underwater Escape and the forearm-destroying Dragon Back.

Season 5 includes Kiwi Katie Sparrow. The Sydney-based personal trainer was a contestant on the show’s third season and has now returned for its fifth and latest season. Read more here.

Casting is open now for Season 6 of Australian Ninja Warrior.

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