Alpha Challenge 2021 Results & World Championship Qualifiers

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Alpha Challenge 2021 took place in Wanaka, December 2021.

With fantastic terrain and obstacles, Alpha Challenge is becoming a must-do on the NZ obstacle racing calendar. While numbers were limited and so not all the competitive fields were full, in part due to covid restrictions on travel and events, the event was a success!

Qualifiers and results are below.

World Championship Qualifiers

New for 2021 the Alpha Challenge is now a qualifier event for the OCR World Championships. The top females and males in the competitive races have qualified for the OCR World Championships, which will be held September 2022 in Vermont, USA.

Pro Division Female Qualifiers

Isabella Woods

Pro Division Male Qualifiers

Marijn Wouters

Rhys Cunningham

Evan Jane

Jason Clarke

Age Group Division Qualifiers

Age Group divisions at the 2022 OCR World Championships are currently open entry. This is due to covid and the limited amount of qualifying races able to take place globally.

OCRWC background

Alpha Challenge Competitive Results

Female Competitive 12km

Female competitive 12km podium

1st: Natasha Kelly – 2:21:04.1

See full competitive results here.

Male Competitive 12km

Male competitive 12km podium

1st: Marijn Wouters – 1:19:13.7

2nd: Rhys Cunningham – 1:20:02.5

3rd: Max Bell – 1:20:48.3

4th: Marvin Häger – 1:24:54.0

5th: Tom Wild – 1:26:54.8

6th: Dion Dawson – 1:39:25.7

7th: Paul Jaquin – 2:00:23.3

8th: Xye Doyle – 2:03:11.7

9th: Liam O’Connell – 2:17:31.7

See full competitive results here.

Female Competitive 6km

Female competitive 6km podium

1st: Isabella Woods – 0:55:46.5

2nd: Hannah Cook Gibbs – 1:00:26.6

See full competitive results here.

Male Competitive 6km

Male competitive 6km podium

1st: Evan Jane – 0:38:05.6

2nd: Jason Clarke – 0:44:06.8

3rd: Allan Carmichael – 0:47:35.4

4th: Scott Mitchell – 0:49:15.0

5th: Ash Eramus – 0:51:27.2

6th: Wayne Doyle – 0:56:45.1

7th: Jason LaRose – 0:58:08.1

8th: James Flett – 1:02:57.4

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High School Results

Female High School 6km

1st: Laia Mactaggart – 0:57:41.3

Male High School 6km

1st: Sam Soper – 0:39:07.5

2nd: Hugh Ragg – 0:42:29.6

3rd: Lucas Parry – 0:45:57.5

4th: Dylan Brown – 0:59:56.5

5th: Jonah Bogue – 1:00:04.5

6th: Liko Edwards – 1:04:44.3

7th: Jimmy Knight – 1:04:51.6

8th: Noah Purnell – 1:04:59.9

9th: Zac Sedon – 1:05:57.9

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