Podcast Ep 10: Hania Aitken

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Interview with Hania Aitken

Join Max Bell and co-host Stephen Steddy as they explore the realms of OCR, hybrid racing (Hyrox, Dekafit, Obstacle Fit), adventure racing, ninja and even some good old-fashioned trail running. Max is the expert, and Stephen is the weekend warrior. Tune in to the Obstacle Racers NZ Podcast to get both perspectives.

Hania Aitken episode

We’ve reached 10 episodes! In the 10th episode, we talk with Hania Aitken – obstacle racer, contestant on the Australian Spartan tv show, firefighter, ambassador for Zeenya Clothing, and mother of 4.

In the news we cover Alpha Challenge results, interviews and a race review. As well as results from the Spartan World Championship, new races coming from Ultimate Athlete, and age group rules for Spartan Auckland.

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