Podcast Ep 11: Matt Ansley

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Interview with Matt Ansley

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In this episode we sit down with Matt Ansley.

Between 2013 and 2018 Matt became an OCR legend, completing 33 laps of standard Tough Mudders, 1 Tougher Mudder, 2 Toughest Mudders, 4 World’s Toughest Mudders, 4 Spartan Sprints, 3 Spartan Supers, 1 Spartan Beast, and 6 Spartan Ultras, as well as local OCR races. Matt was also pursuing mini golf and is now the President of the NZ Minigolf Federation.

In the news we cover reaching 10 episodes and 500 total listens. Thank you to our listeners!

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Intro music is 58th St. Fingers by Gap Dream. Outro music is Basic Rock by Scott Holmes Music.

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