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20% Off Ultimate Athlete Entry for 2022

Ultimate Athlete 2022 series banner

Ultimate Athlete welcomes you to Aotearoa’s very own obstacle race series. Brought to you at beautiful beach locations.

The courses are designed to challenge all fitness levels from kids through to pro athletes, with endurance and strength elements set over two distances. Choose to go it alone or with a team.

You’ll run/walk, climb, swing, and crawl your way through these one-of-a-kind courses that will push you to your limits through sand and over trails, you’ll finish knowing… you’ve got what it takes to be an Ultimate Athlete!

Obstacle Racers NZ has a discount code to offer for the 2022 Mount and Orewa events.

For 20% off Ultimate Athlete, please enter code:


The code is valid for the Mount and Orewa 2022 Ultimate Athlete events only.

Simply enter the code while registering.

Visit the Ultimate Athlete website to register.

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