Spartan Auckland Postponed, Same Day as Covid Event Restrictions Removed

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Spartan Has Been Postponed… Again

Spartan Auckland has once more been postponed.

Scheduled for 13-15th May 2022, the event has now been postponed to 25-27th November 2022.

Spartan Australia and New Zealand released the following statement,

Dear Spartans

Due to the NZ Government Code Red restrictions, the Spartan event cannot proceed in May as planned. Following discussions, we have agreed that it is best to steer clear of winter, hopefully avoiding any potential COVID issues, and designate a date later with warmer weather and a healthier environment. This date will be 25-27 November 2022.

All purchased tickets are valid for the new date with no action required by you.

Like you, we are incredibly frustrated by the circumstances we have faced over the last two years, but make no mistake, we are determined to bring Spartan back to Auckland and feel that this is the best solution for racers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at

This is the fifth time Spartan Auckland has been postponed, adding up to over two years of postponements.

After a successful inaugural event in 2019, Spartan’s return to NZ was originally scheduled for July 2020. Unfortunately it was postponed to July 2021, then again to October 2021, then again to November 2021, then again to May 2022, and now to November 2022. Each postponement has been due to covid restrictions impacting events in NZ and Australia.

Spartan New Zealand

New Zealand Has Removed Event Restrictions

In a bizarre turn of events, on the same day that Spartan postponed Auckland citing event restrictions, the event restrictions were removed from all of NZ!

Coming on the heels of Spartan’s announcement, the New Zealand Government held its own announcement updating the national covid framework.

Changes to the traffic lights friday 25 march

Notably, participant limits were removed from outdoor events including sporting events. Events were previously limited to 100 participants, which Spartan’s announcement cited as the reason for their postponement by referring to the “NZ Government Code Red restrictions”.

With regrettable timing of Spartan releasing their postponement decision just before the government opened up events in NZ, the planned Auckland date of 13-15th May could’ve gone ahead under the now current NZ Government Code Red restrictions.

Barring no further tightening of covid restrictions, the new date of 25-27th November will definitely be able to go ahead.

Spartan’s Covid Restrictions

While the government covid restrictions now allow Spartan to go ahead in May or November, it should be noted that Spartan does have its own stricter covid restrictions in place.

Upon registering for Auckland, we’ve become aware that the terms and conditions (as accessed by ORNZ on the 23/3/22) state that people may not participate in Spartan Auckland if they have in the past 14 days:

  • been tested for or have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19
  • experienced any symptoms of COVID-19
  • been exposed to or in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 (or any known symptoms thereof)

These restrictions from Spartan don’t match the current NZ restrictions for public health. The current government framework, as of the time of writing this post, is that the government only requires confirmed cases and their household contacts to isolate and thus not be able to attend events. Furthermore, the government doesn’t restrict event participants with symptoms as the symptoms may be from other illnesses, nor does the government have restrictions in place any longer for those who’re close contacts or who’ve been in exposure situations.

Although Spartan may not enforce these conditions, it should be noted that it’s in the agreement signed by participants when registering for Auckland. Spartan could refuse participation based on these conditions if it wanted to do so.

The full terms and conditions can be read during the race registration process.

Spartan’s New Venue

In December 2021, Spartan announced a change of venue for Auckland. The event was shifted from Ellerslie Racecourse to Barry Curtis Park.

Take a look at our previous article for what to expect from this new venue.

Spartan will be held at Barry Curtis Park, Auckland.

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