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We’re very excited to welcome Earshots as a sponsor of the Obstacle Racers NZ podcast.

With the Obstacle Racers NZ podcast, if we’re going to get a sponsor onboard, we decided we want a product sponsor that works well for obstacle sports. So, we’re very excited to welcome Earshots as a sponsor of the podcast!

Earshots are an innovation in earphone design to solve your problem of earphones falling out, dislodging or slipping out of place while you’re moving. They’re designed for active activities such as running, riding, or obstacle racing.

They’re wireless earphones featuring a magnetic clip designed to solve the problems of earphones falling out or needing constant re-adjustment when moving in activities such as running, riding, or obstacle racing.

Other features include:

  • A 14.2mm titanium coated speaker delivers the best bass ever heard from a non-occluded earphone design. Support for 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio.
  • You won’t miss a word of your favourite podcasts or audio books. Earshots excel in voice and speech content by ensuring a completely natural and wide band reproduction of voice content in the 300Hz – 3 kHz range.
  • You will enjoy the safety and awareness with Earshots ambient noise balancing. Our purposely designed non-occluding earbud doesn’t pressurise your ear and block out important audio cues.
  • 10 hours run/ride time off a single charge. Earshots power management module powered by Qualcomm 5141 , delivers 10 hours of audio playback off a 3.7V lithium ion battery.
  • 150 hour charging case. Earshots stores 150 hours worth of run/ride time before you need re-charge the case.

And, noteably, Earshots are a New Zealand company. For the podcast we spoke with CEO and Co-founder James Bell-Booth about the company and his story, and we’ll be playing this interview talking about earshots in podcast episodes 15-20. Give it a listen to see how we’ve used earshots and why we recommend them.

And as a product I personally use and love, I can recommend Earshots as something that will bring benefit to obstacle sport participants.

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Visit the Earshots website.

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