Parkour NZ Crowdfunding to Bring World Chase Tag to New Zealand

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Parkour New Zealand Launches the Sport of Tag

A crowdfunding campaign active now on Boosted Sport is raising funds to bring competitive tag, played in an arena of obstacles, to New Zealand.

“Your support is needed to bring World Chase Tag licensed opportunities to communities within Aotearoa New Zealand. Help us make it big!”

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What is World Chase Tag?

World Chase Tag (WCT) is the first and only global league for competitive tag.

Take tag, the classic children’s game, combine it with parkour, and play it within a purpose-built 12 metre arena and you’ve got World Chase Tag.

World Chase Tag was formed by Christian Devaux in 2012 after a game of Tag with his son in their back garden. A year later, he was joined by his brother, Damien, and together they set about turning the oldest game into the newest sport. From organising casual meet-ups in Hyde Park, within a few years they were hosting international competitions with some of the world’s best Parkour athletes and Ninja Warrior competitors. In 2020, they teamed up with Tupelo Honey CEO, Cary Glotzer, who, together with Gray TV, became equity partners in World Chase Tag.

World Chase Tag is responsible for creating a standardised competitive playing arena & set of rules / formats which has allows athletes from around the world to train & compete in international competitions.

What is Parkour NZ?

Parkour New Zealand was created in 2010 to assist in the healthy development of the parkour and the growth of New Zealand’s parkour scene. Parkour NZ provides for the practicing parkour community while concurrently using parkour’s unique life-changing traits to encourage, inspire and change peoples lives.

Parkour NZ has been developing its relationship with WCT and has secured an exclusive opportunity to receive specialised one-on-one training to not only get certified but also be approved to certify others in New Zealand and Australia. This is great news for the grassroots tag events and leagues being developed around the country by Parkour NZ’s members, Regional Sports Trusts, and Local Government.

The window of opportunity is small, with the training having to occur in France during a Parkour NZ team member’s visit to Europe. Parkour NZ have launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of WCT certification, licensee training, quad building course, and necessary travel and work expenses for their staff in France.

If the campaign is successful, it will enable any interested party to receive training via Parkour NZ, license local and regional WCT affiliated events, and use the official WCT ‘quad’ (the arena) around the country, and play to whatever level of competitiveness they want.

Visit the crowdfunding campaign.

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